Yield Looping Engine

Smart Farming enables users to automatically loop Vesper pool positions as collateral through Metronome Synth to supercharge yield.

Supercharge Yield in 4 Steps

Get Started
Choose Collateral Once Connected

Choose Collateral >

Set Loop
Select Desired Loop Multiplier

Set Loop >

Set Slippage
Select Desired Slippage Tolerance

Set Slippage >

Confirm Transaction
Confirm Transaction in WEB3 Wallet

Confirm Transaction >


Automatic Yield Looping

Don’t waste time swapping between DeFi protocols. With Vesper and Metronome integration, you gain instant access to the best APY with effortless looping.

Health Factor

The only thing you will need to do is monitor your loop position.

LST Infinity

Maximize LSTs (Liquid Staking Tokens) by looping them through Vesper pools.