What is Metronome?

A DeFi ecosystem powered by the Synth protocol, METDAO, and the MET Token

Our Mission

Reshaping and redefining how synthetics are used in DeFi and the wider Web3, by building an ecosystem of DeFi tools that help synthetics take on new forms and create more utility for our users. Starting with the development of one of the most complete synthetic platforms in DeFi, Metronome Synth.

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Leading DeFi Since 2018

Since the initial launch in 2018, Metronome led the way for many projects in DeFi. Beginning with a set of elegant smart contracts that included one of the first AMM DEXes, in addition to a continuous mintage mechanism through daily auctions.

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(Re)Launching MET Token

Metronome’s relaunch enables the MET ecosystem to evolve and continue to be a DeFi leader. The new enhancements have also allowed for the structure of the ecosystem to become a DAO and to deliver true decentralization within our ecosystem of protocols.