Metronome Ecosystem Explained

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Metronome has relaunched to build the next generation of DeFi protocols, which will be governed by the Metronome DAO. This blog contains a breakdown of the whole current Metronome ecosystem and how users can get involved. Read on to discover more.


Upon the release of Metronome 2.0, the operating structure was transitioned to a DAO. Metronome DAO incorporates community tools in order for users to easily carry out governance tasks. This structure allows token weight to speak for the future of the project.

Metronome relies on an antifragility framework currently comprised of three separate autonomous workstreams: Engineering, Growth, and Operations.

The engineering workstream is responsible for maintaining the Metronome smart contract structure and further development on top of the Metronome framework. Additionally, the engineering workstream ensures platform security by actively monitoring for platform risk and working with auditing firms to keep all code bases in line with the strictest of standards.

The growth workstream is tasked with building out the Metronome DAO community and establishing the Metronome product-market fit. Using marketing fundamentals, sponsorships, partnerships, and cross-pollination with other protocols the growth workstream is actively working to build out a user base around Metronome DAO.

The operations workstream is the coordination layer within the framework, responsible for facilitating cooperation between the other individual workstreams and Metronome DAO. Administrative tasks such as treasury management, operations, and legal all fall under the guise of the operations workstream.

To view all previous and future proposals, please visit the Metronome Snapshot or GitHub.

Metronome Portal

When first entering the Metronome Synth platform, users will be presented with the Synth staking portal. This is where users will be able to stake collateral and generate synthetic assets. Unlike other market leaders today, Metronome will offer support for multi-collateral positions to generate multiple synthetic assets. Users will be able to choose from a variety of different collateral options in return for multiple synthetic asset generation.

MET Marketplace

The Metronome marketplace is a synthetic DEX marketplace that offers a new and unmatched experience, allowing users to swap between synthetic assets with zero slippage. Swapping between synths in the Metronome Marketplace will unlock a powerful, on-chain trading environment for users looking to minimize costs.

Users can interact with the marketplace by either generating a synthetic asset through the staking portal or by acquiring it on the open market. The vigorous auditing system that Metronome has put in place will ensure the security of smart contracts and the overall platform.

Token Utility Breakdown

The MET token is key to the whole Metronome ecosystem. It provides multiple use cases that help users unlock the platform’s true potential.

As a DAO, Metronome has a community-first approach to product development. The MET token will facilitate the governance of Metronome by allowing the creation and voting of proposals through the newly formed MET DAO.

The first protocol in the Metronome ecosystem, MET Synth, was conceptualized to provide a new synthetic experience for DeFi users. Alongside a multitude of different assets, the MET token can also be used as collateral to generate synthetic assets of a user’s choosing.

Join the Community

Metronome is all about cultivating a DeFi-positive community that contributes to the MET DAO, helping accelerate the development of the MET Synth protocol. Together, innovating the landscape of DeFi is possible.

Join the Metronome Telegram and Discord channels to engage with other DeFi evangelists and get involved today.

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