The Technology

Metronome is a fully autonomous cryptocurrency and monetary system that is built to last. Metronome’s launch and behavior are wholly governed by a set of four smart contracts.

Metronome contracts stacked in purple

Contract One

Ledger Contract

Dictates Metronome’s overall behavior – This is an ERC20 token standard with advanced payment features of subscriptions and mass pay.

centered met icon with avatars on either side

Contract Two

Auction Contract

Issues new MET daily — Each day, 2,880 MET is auctioned off via a descending price auction, starting from double the previous day’s closing price. As Metronome matures, this will adjust as necessary to ensure a 2% annual inflation rate.

centered gavel with avatars on each side

Contract Three

Proceeds Contract

Retains all proceeds from the daily auctions — 100% of the daily auction’s proceeds go to the Proceeds contract. The proceeds are best thought of as a community asset, stored in a locked box.

abstract flowchart of transactions

Contract Three

Converter Contract

Provides on-chain conversion — Every 24 hours, the Proceeds Contract sends 0.25% of its contents to the Autonomous Converter Contract. When a user sends MET or its chain’s native token (e.g., ETH, ETC) to the Autonomous Converter Contract, the contract returns its counterpart at a rate determined by the ratio of MET and the native token in the contract.

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The World’s First Cryptocurrency Allowing Chainhops

Portability empowers MET owners to choose the chain where they hold their MET for whatever reason they desire, such as security, fee optimization, and governance arbitrage. Currently, MET can be ported between Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. Additional chain support is under research and development.

abstract flow chart beginning

Phase One

Federated Network of Validators

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Phase Two

Chain Attestors and Stake Weighting

abstract flow chart end

Phase Three

Fully Autonomous, Decentralized, Stake-Weighted Chainhops